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The 1st Maine Cavalry reenacting organization evolved out of the 2nd Maine Cavalry which was formed in Florida by Stevens Bunker in 1959 for the Centennial of the Civil War.

In remembrance and appreciation of the ordinary citizens that became cavalrymen and rode to war to preserve a nation, this organization focuses on an accurate portrayal of the Federal Cavalry of the Civil War. To help preserve the memory of those men and gain for ourselves some measure of a first hand appreciation of their experiences, we strive to represent them with the respect and dignity they are due.

* One of the oldest, active, living history organizations in the hobby *
Welcome to a look at us, what we do, our past, and our future!

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June 26, 2019

In Memorial

On July 7th 2021, a trooper of the 1st Maine, and our friend, rode on to Fiddler's Green.

Bill Boerth

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